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The use of an 'M' Badge on your BMW?

I have noticed a few differences of opinion over the use of the 'M' badge on a BMW, and a thread recently by bigbeemer titled “Finally got my Msport coupe in le mans blue” threw some interesting comments as bigbeemer has an ‘M’ badge on his 320d M Sport and many said loose it and some could not see the problem with it.

chrisbmwcy’s comment was “Also remove all the M badges from the wheels, door sills, take out the steering wheel that says M on it, also don’t forget the gear shift knob that has an M on it as well. Also write a letter to BMW M division that came up with the M-Sport vesion of this car and tell them that they suck!”

My thought is that M Sport refers to the specification,
‘M’ to ‘M Car’ performance i.e. M3, M5 etc.

Also seeing an ‘M’ badge in front of a 318i badge on an E90 this morning got me thinking about this again, and also BMW’s recent use of the ‘M’ badge on the new M135i.

So my question is “when is it appropriate to use the ‘M’ badge or is it’s usage down to personal choice, assuming you have a minimum specified M Sport car”?