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Originally Posted by ceaton88 View Post
Personally I think one should buy a car with a manufacturers spec that ticks all their boxes from the off. If I wanted a chunky looking car I'd buy an M3 for example & not put wheel spaces or aftermarket arches on my SE.

The same applies with badges, if it comes with badges from the factory then thats the way it should be, otherwise it just devalues a car.
I disagree partly. I dont see the issue in fitting parts your car did not come with. Especially if you didn't buy new.

Badges I do agree on. I never really understand why people fit badges to there cars that dont apply.
For example an M3 badge on a non-M3 car.
For whos benifit is that? People who know what "M3" means, will probably also know your car is not one.
The rest of the people wont know what it means or care.