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Originally Posted by Freelo View Post
I have the 9780B also. Please add me to the list.

I had my Rom updated almost 2 years ago following a recall for an earlier bad Rom. I don't think there is a recall now. Any suggestions of anything we could tell the dealer to help us get a free update (I hear that updates outside of recalls are costly)

It seems these older roms have issues with idling and cold starts. I would think that would be a good place to start with the dealer. Generally if you have an issue like that the tech will check your DME, realize its out of date and get you to an updated rom. Its easier for them to do that than actually look for an issue on the car. If you happen to have a copy of the recall, please send it to me.

Originally Posted by SpartanGA View Post
So let me get this straight...

The next Stage 1+ map will used with FMIC but no DP? Will be curious what the gains will be without a DP.

When Stage 2 comes out with DP support, will it have a DPFix so that I can pass any/all emissions testing here in Georgia? In addition to not have an SES light constantly.

When going to a dealer with COBB for a normal service, is there Valet mode or should you just quickly uninstall it given it is just electronic and fairly quick?

Gains are looking pretty solid from the intercooler. The stock intercooler just isn't efficient enough at increased power levels. This was the same on the N54 and our Stage1+ maps made more power than Stage2 without intercooler.

Our Stage2 and above maps will turn the light off on your dash, but we do not interfere with any government mandated emissions standards. When going to the dealer, we recommend a full uninstall. That way, if the dealer flashed your DME, your AP will be able to recognize this and you won't need to get it re-licensed.