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Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
If you find the offer, would you mind linking it here? I'd like to make a visit to my dealer tomorrow.
I know who's doing it, Dan @ Number1... 866 254 9930

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Is there anyone on here that has leased in Illinois? I asked a BMW dealer about leasing once and they told me that in Illinois and Texas (only two states in the country) you pay sales tax on the entire value of the vehicle, not simply the value of the vehicle that you're "using up" over the course of the lease. Not sure if it was part of a sales pitch or what, but I'd have to think that makes it harder for dealers to get people into leases in these two states.
You pay sales tax on the full value of the car in VA too but its still a lease, theres something else in the law for TX and IL. Im not sure cause im not in the business but I know in BMW two states those are reason the they invented the whole "owners choice" or something to not have those residents feel left out. Ask a dealer how it works, im not exactly sure just know its an option.

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No E90's
You can get a coupe or convertible for the same price sedans were before. If someone doesnt mind driving the old body style or cant warm up to the new one, deals to be had on the old one. Like me personally I never warmed up to the Acura RL after the Legend, that was 17 years ago lol.
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Long story short. He was a huge black male. Probably 6'2" or taller and 250 lbs. He was angry as hell, and I am a tiny 5'4 white male. So, I did the only thing I could, I threw my car into reverse and no one was behind me, and I drove thru the red light as I went around him.