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Stolen, 335i – London (E11)

It has been over a year since I have posted on here, when I first had my e92 it was great source of information, then when I stepped up to my 335i (e90) It became an everyday event to check new posts etc. But sort of lost touch with it of late.

However, I know the folk on here cherish their Bavarian beauties and so I thought I would advise you of this, I guess it more relevant to people in the east London/essex areas.

I live in a nice suburb of east London in a street where you will need at 550K to buy a 3 bed terrace (this is not high in many cases but its certainly no scums’ville) Anyway, I come out of my house at 8’ this morning to go to work like I normally do to find that my car is not there. I had left it directly outside my front door and all that was left was a perfect silhouette in the snow – which would suggest it was taken not long before I came out the front door.

No smashed glass, no alarm and no tyre tracks in the snow. Simply lifted and taken away – as brazen as f**k.
We all know how easy it is for people to take these cars, either by some electronic device or by trailer. So from someone who thought it would never happen to them, be extra vigilant guys