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The internet is where it's at. If I want to know about a particular car I just watch reviews and other videos on Youtube. It usually leads to me spending hours clicking and watching associated videos until i notice it's got dark outside.

Top Gear is what it is, accept it and watch it or go have a snooze through DoI (took me a while to figure what that was) like HotCoupe. One thing is for sure, there is no way the BBC will change anything about the show in the foreseeable future. Viewing figures will need to drop through the floor before anything changes and that just ain't going to happen.

Few other point.
1. Clarkson should have bought a 1M for that money. he could probably just have snipped one at that price
2. Hotcoupe, your post is highly gay.... however, you are sooooooo right about that Irish bint. Girl looks like a creosoted scarecrow wrapped in tinfoil most weekends and is such a personality vacuum that she actually sucks the atmosphere out of my own living room via the screen.
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