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Originally Posted by cvc 22349a View Post
Did Ohlins tell you that or your retailer?
Before purchased I was informed by Aurok that revalving was not necessary due to the large damping range and low wheel rate because of the motion ratio at the rear.

With the 672 rear spring, I spent quite a while adjusting one click at a time to find a setting I'm happy with on the road, and at 8 clicks from full hard it's perfect for me. At say 12 clicks it is even more comfortable but the rebound damping is still controlling the rebound of the spring ok, as can be felt at high speeds where there is no 'floatiness' that is apparent with inadequate rebound damping.

I'm also quite experienced in suspension setup having custom suspension built to my specs for my sprint car and other cars I work on, designed and built my own top mounts, custom ball joints for roll centre adjustments etc. So I understand fully what is happening and how to adjust by the 'feel' of the car.

With the DFV valving, it's basically like having quite soft fast bump and rebound valving stopping the car being 'upset' by aggressive bumps/holes/lumps!

In regards to 800lbs being too hard, my car is an E91 touring so I think is heavier at the rear than the coupe or saloon, also, I personally like a firm setup, and at the moment it's still too soft for me.