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Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
Hi John - yes, I've decided that aside from the M-Perf exhaust and black grilles that will be installed at the port, I'm going to wait for Dinan S2 (not quite ready for F30 yet) and a 5" intercooler. Probably will add wheels/tires when the stockers wear out.

I've had several bites on the car, but no firm purchasers yet, although I have 2 that are requesting more info and indicating they're serious buyers. One's from up in the Dallas area. Car's running SUPER good with this cool air...almost hate to give it up, but can't keep 3 cars.
Sounds great! Yeah I saw Dinan S2 and S3 for the N55 on the E9x series but nothing on F30. I assume the reason they're not available for the F30 yet is because the required hardware upgrades for that level of software upgrades aren't yet available. Although I'm surprised S3 on the N55 "only" gets you to the 380 hp / 400 tq mark -- doesn't it get you ~440/440 on your N54 E92 now?

Good luck on selling the E92. I hope you can find a fellow enthusiast to take it and appreciate it for what it is rather than having to sell it to a dealer where it will go who knows where. My car is running particularly well in this cold weather too -- even more so a month ago when it was in the 30s. But it's a cruel irony of nature that temperature drops increase engine power but also reduce available traction.
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