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I've gone to Paul Petrone years ago, probably 5 years ago, to get a window regulator fixed on an old e46 BMW.

It was a very straightforward transaction, I walked in, told him I needed a window regulator fixed, he told me how much, then 1 or 2 days later (I don't remember how long it took it's been so long) the car was done.

In this case it was a very easy transaction, no high pressure sales for getting a tune up or anything like that, I knew the price of a window regulator so his price for parts was on par, and his price for labor was reasonable too.

Although this was a very small repair, I probably would go there again if I had a BMW out of warranty...with that said, I probably wouldn't go there for body work, upon seeing the shop it looked geared more towards mechanical repairs. and after looking up MAC and seeing their setup online you can tell that place is definitely specialized for bodywork