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Originally Posted by Wes335XI View Post
I think you missed my point all together. I have no interest in making 660WHP, I also have no interest in upgrading the suspension and driveline in order to handle that kind of power. If I can get a low 11 second car with upgraded twin turbos with mild modifications, I'll take it. I'm not going to spend the money and go single turbo just to get into the 10's. I'm not saying it's pointless, I'm just saying it is definitely not for everyone. I think RB's or Vargas stage 2 is a more realistic and reasonable option for most. The single turbo is great for those that want to take that step, but most are happy with 500WHP.
Okay, now I understand where you were coming from, I do agree with you that the ST option is quite an expense if you're looking to put down all the power successfully, I do agree with you right now there is probably more of a market for stage 2 twins, however I do see this changing in the future as these cars and this platform begin to depreciate over time, we will start to see more and more people pulling the trigger on big single kits being developed.

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