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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Ahhh so this was the big secret! Nice looks freakin great!!! So why were you saying people might have mixed feelings about this sponsorship??
Reps have gotten a really bad name because of people that drive straight into potholes and then blame the rims for breaking, or people that hit the curb when they try to park and are baffled why they dented their rim. Varrstoen makes some amazing reps in awesome sizes, but people just assume they are some poorly built rim because they are considered reps.
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What suspension setup are you running??
build thread answers all your questions
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trunk + exhaust + hood =

rest =
Dukes Dynamics trunk is basically a perfect fit and kind of hard to get (easily one of my favorite mods), exhaust and diffuser was custom made and fitted, and Vorsteiner 2x2 Carbon Fiber Hoods have been discontinued for years now, almost none left or at least that appear on the forum. To each their own