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Originally Posted by f30nynj View Post
Hey guys,

At this point of my life I have everything but friends, girl, and happiness. I am 28yo and have a well paying job,a bmw, a house of my own and even an athletic body(go running). Most of my friends are married now, the new friends are living little far away and due to some rumor that was spreading around, they are trying to avoid me. I dated a girl last year but felt like we didn't have any connection. I am not sure if I should just date or look for that special someone to spend the rest of life. I am ready to settle down, but am looking for someone from similar ethnic background so we can form a deep connection.

Coming back to the point, I don't speak to a lot of people during daily life cuz my firm is very small & I m pretty much my own most of the times. Don't have any meeting but I occasionally talk to a colleague sitting next to me. It's because he is old and very experienced, I can't talk like buddies. Also I am the youngest in the company. I am the type of guy who would never give-up & always looking for creative ways. But right now everything seems blocked.

So here's the gist, I am depressed about nothing happening in my life. I live near NYC, and I thought I was done socializing but may be I should start again. Feel I m too old to hang with drink teen kids.

Anybody went thru same feelings? Any suggestions what I should do?
You are a kid. Go out and have fun. I wish I was in my 20s again. Thats so young. Find a hobby and pursue it. Whether it be buying/collecting exotic firearms, baseball cards, saving for travel, boarding etc...