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Originally Posted by snoozee View Post
like what alex has said, it's cheaper to buy from eBay. when i did my retrofit, my local stockiest helped me order a short facra cable from BMW germany. but somehow, they can't even find the cable in stock even in germany. so i ended up buying one from eBay since the ones i could find in store were like 4 to 5 times of what i would had paid for on eBay.
I don't know how you found any in store.. I also don't know how you manage to get them to order you a part from Germany. The best my place could do was order me a 20 foot one for 30 dollars. Not even sure if it was female to female. I ended up paying 5 bucks for a 5 inch one and cutting the female connector off. Then cutting a XM radio connector off that was female of the same SMB and soldering those together then heat shrink lol..

What really started to piss me off is these SMB connectors are used in sirius radio, usb and blue tooth antenna. So why is the part impossible to find?
Oh and it was funny I was calling places that do XM radio installs to purchase the cable. None of them had it but it is kinda impossible to do an antenna run without these connectors. One guy wouldn't even let me finish before he said he doesn't carry the cable. If you install XM radio you have the connectors. I even described the cable and what it was used for on installing XM radio..