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Originally Posted by SfValley335i View Post
I dont think anyone with RB turbos has run 100% e85. And even then I dont think so, meth is being used to cool the charge and as a fuel when boosting 20psi. Remember e85 is cheap race gas. People breaking 500whp on RB turbos are using Race gas (MS109) and meth. Not race as in 100octane from pump.

E85 is great but mpg drops so much when you get into high mixtures of it. If you literally dont have a e85 station within 10 miles, then running 50% or more e85 is just crazy. Because more than likely you'll be filling up twice a week.

On pump gas I get about 21mpg, on a 20% e85 mix I get 19.5mpg, on about a 80% e85 mix I was getting 15mpg.

If I had to throw out a number I'd say a car running RB turbo with e85 mixture would not be able to break 500whp. It would break 500wtq easily.
have to can get 500 Hp with E85/meth if you use the backend flash 3.5 bar N20 and up your additive to 80. I had a coolmist tank and had huge issues with my meth tank (huge amounts of air) and I hit 513 Hp and that was with my meth flow at 50-60%......I have a devils own meth kit (no leaks with SS & 4-AN) and I will be going on the Dyno here very soon within a week or so....will report back.

Just noticed you said with just E85, in that case I agree....without meth it would be hard to get 500Hp I would imagine.
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