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Hi Jose, thanks very much for the DIY. I have an 05/07 E90 with Professional + Hifi, Bluetooth, and USB audio (6FL) from the factory. I recently found out that my headunit is faulty and I'm thinking of replacing it.

If I replace it with the exact same HU that is meant for the 05/07 model, do I need to code anything for the radio/USB audio to work? Will the new HU have the USB icon automatically?

Now I'm also thinking, if I get a newer HU that is meant for the MY09+ cars (like the one you have), what kind of coding do I need to do, since my car already has bluetooth and USB audio from the factory? Will everything (Bluetooth, USB, etc.) just work like 'plug-and-play'? I noticed the new HU models have a white connector at the back for the USB audio, but mine does not (but I still have 6FL from factory). Can I still install a newer HU?

Thanks for any advice you can give!