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Originally Posted by waterchange View Post
Just wanted to post a THANK YOU here too. Had a free afternoon so pulled out my blower motor, threw some silicon lubricant on it, confirmed the fan spun with power before putting it back together, and then connected the unit back. I now have heat/air again. Without this diy, I'd likely be paying the dealership a ton of money to fix this.

I couldn't figure out how to pull out the ductwork off so I also wrestled the motor in/out with it in place.

I do have a new blower motor in route (via ebay) but I can at least drive comfortably around until it gets here; I'll wait for this motor to croak again before putting the new one in. It's amazing how fogged up windshields can get w/o the fan.
I decided to install my new blower motor since I had it and had time. Leaving the ductwork in, I was able to get the old motor out and new motor installed in under 20 minutes. Cleaned off the old but working blower motor and threw it on ebay to see if anyone will bite.