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Both right, it feels wonderful

No updates really so far. Things have been a bit hectic. I have managed to buy Ian's (hotcoupe) wheels, can not wait!!! So my RFTs are on sale (550 shipped) and the 230s will go for sale after.

Still haven't finished the trim wrapping or even started on the audio. But i'm definitely going to soon. Can't bear it anymore and i'm so glad i didn't sell all the audio. Would've definitely regretted it. So thanks everyone for telling me it was a stupid idea!

Another side of things i want to improve is the suspension. When i first got it it seemed amazing, but that's probably because i was comparing a 335D to a 320D. After a few weeks of pushing it to its limit, it really doesn't work for me now. Ride isn't great, rear is too twitchy and the front could do with being more precise. My plan is to get some coilovers, i'm leaning towards the Ohlins Road & Track, and will also replace the rear subframe bushes with M3 ones. There are a few other M3 bits that i might replace too.

But the suspension upgrades will probably take a few months. I'm going to try and do the audio, wrapping, outer trim & grill, tips and boot lip before that.

Only after I have sorted the suspension out i will go for a remap. I don't see the point if you can't put it all down on the road.