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Originally Posted by gallian93 View Post
Good for you ... you should do it...

My only advice is to stay away from non-smokers... they always feel like they have the best "quit smoking" advice...and you'll feel like lighting up again just to irritate them

Like that post on the first page saying “I take the same courses as you and I don’t smoke”.
I had a roommate like that in college always on the soap box… he’d would insist that if he smoked he could quit anytime…”it all about will power!!” Strange as it sounds, he never successfully quit being a douche even with all that will power!

Also... after you graduate and become a ex-smoker...please don't be the kind that walk around unsolicited going "I quit, so can you!!"

Good news is that when you are done you’ll realize that to quit smoking is one of the hardest things that most people will do in their lives…so it is quite an accomplishment that only smokers and ex-smokers can appreciate…

I wish you luck and hope to join you in the ex smoker’s club later this year
Thx bro. It is def hard. I won't be the person telling others "I did, So can you". We're all adults and can take decisions ourselves.
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