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Originally Posted by jacobsed View Post
In general warranties are rip offs. They wouldn't offer them if they weren't making tons of money.

If you knowingly purchased a car that will be breaking then just admit its a piece of crap and pay for the warranty if you'll be ahead financially. The reality is you just need to add that much to the purchase price of he car.

I have a 330xi with 127K miles and no major repairs and no warranty. I will pay for repairs out of pocket if they happen and in the mean I keep my money and my car is not broken. Last I heard German engineering was pretty good stuff. I assure you the German engineers would be appalled at the idea of their customer's needing to buy extended warranties.
I would agree that extended warranties do make tons of money, but they can also easily pay for themselves and make a car more attractive to a future buyer.

I'm not sure I follow your logic on engineers. Engineers create the parts, which are manufactured by a multitude of companies. If a part fails due to a manufacturer's defect it is covered by the warranty.