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Bro I think you got punked. Detectives will always have their badge showing either around their neck, on their belt or show in person. If they didnt show you, you should of just drove away or called 911.

There has been several cases of this all around Toronto (happened to me, I demanded identification and when none was produced I drove away)

Ya need to be very careful about situations like this. Grab the plate number and Cal it into the real popo

Edit: sorry to add your not committing an offense if you drove away / stopped for these people since they did not provide identification. For all you know, some crazy guys were trying to scare you.

Also if it was real Police, get the plate and report it. Society doesn't have need losers like his on the road . not saying your lying but I also tell everyone, there's always 3 sides of the story, yours, there's, and the truth.

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