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Originally Posted by e9012345 View Post
The stage:

9 AM - I am pulling into my work parking lot as a silver/grey minivan pulls into the lane I'm driving in.. he sees me and cancels his plans to turn in and I pull up in front of him and brake because I have to turn into my work parking lot in less than 100 meters. He thinks I brake checked him and pulls up beside and says "PULL OVER".. I ask him where he learned to drive and he says again "PULL OVER ASSHOLE" and shows me some badge.

I pull into my work lot and have two middle aged men on either side of my car yelling at me telling me that they are police officers and I'm about to get fucked. Reckless driving, dangerous driving, endangering a police officer, and "inciting roadrage". They take my information and tell me that I'll never be able to have my license, or see my car ever again - nor will I ever be able to cross the border.

Keep in mind they did not identify themselves, properly show me a badge or officers numbers or names or which dept/div they were in. They tell me that they can do whatever they want because both partners "saw everything" and will testify and corraborate the story. Another mini van pulled up and the police officer starting calling me a "fucking asshole/bastard/insert name here" to the other guy and told me that he was a Sargent and that he saw everything as well. They threatened me with basically what is ruining my life, and consistently, continuously swore at me PROFUSELY the entire time.

In the end - he gave me back my license and told me that he hasn't decided whether or not he is going to charge me and it could take a year or two.. made me apologize to him and his partner and left me.

I can't do anything IF he was a cop because it's two cops against me (I'm brown skinned btw)... and collectively they will have my ass, cost me my job and license and car and thousands of dollars in fines, fees, insurance etc. I don't have the info to file a complaint because they didn't provide any -- I didn't want to risk asking them for it because I read that it makes them angrier if you come across insubordinate - I just let them have their power trip.

What a shitty start to a Tuesday.

lmao @ "I'm brown skinned btw"

to be honest dude so am I... but just cause of the color of your skin doesn't mean you have less rights than the next guy....

hope you took down their info as well... you can easily report them(assuming they are cops which by the sounds of it they are not) for verbal abuse. no one cop or not has the right to talk to you in such a manner. in all honesty the thing that is off is the fact that once they come out they didn't show you their badge again (could be because they know that once they are not on the clock they are considered civilians), but they still have the right to press charges if they think your driving was endangering their lives. with a report done they require your signature as well and you are entitled to a copy. if you didn't get one even if its taken to courts will be thrown out because of that stupidity.

all in all bro you'll be fine. word of advise for next time don't show your id, guys sound like complete d*ck heads and now they have your info. its a 50/50 toss up if i'd report go ahead and report it anyways.