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Originally Posted by ///Mkah View Post
Dealer, autobahn south, german auto. I take my M3 to autobahn south, but those are the best 3 options.
K, thanks a lot man.

Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
Thats what happened on my threw a code for one coil..and about time I changed that one coil, a second coil went bad. I hope you get it taken care of. And out of the three ///mkah mentioned I found German Auto have been the cheapest and their work is pretty good. German Auto or Brian Harris normally does all my work.

As for the squeaking...sounds like sara's chipmunk might have jumped on your car LOL
Looks like my next stop will be at German Auto or Autobahn. The mechanic said perhaps another coil went bad. Do you think i should just replace all coils, spark plugs and fuel injectors?

Originally Posted by Yodaime View Post
when is it? You should do it man, 30 bucks and we got atleast 6-7 runs in. if you come early you can get alot in before people start coming in the afternoon.

sounds good man

Autobanh South
I appreciate for the suggestion dude!