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Originally Posted by FwdFtl View Post
If I have to live with losing my two boys to drunk driving, then he has to live with the conscience of knowing he killed two adolescent boys.
and here are some of the comments in that story from local Houstonians....

Brad Willingham • 14 hours ago
If I recall correctly, this wasn't the drunk driver's first offense. Thank you Mr. Barajas for helping to make sure the tragedy you endured doesn't happen to some other father by those same hands

Maleficent • 15 hours ago
Flag as inappropriateToo bad the dad has to be punished. Sounds like he served proper justice to the drunk who killed his kids.

TheTruthSayerSpeaks >Maleficent • 3 hours ago
He did the courts job way better than the court can do. And saved some of our tax money.

Worsham Abbott >Maleficent • 18 minutes ago
This is a perfect situation for the citizens on the jury to invoke Mr. Jefferson's doctrine of jury nullification.

Jeff Thompson • 14 hours ago
No way I would find this man guilty if I was on the jury. That drunkard got exactly what he deserved.

06gxxr1k >Glock • 15 hours ago
Yes Sir. Gotta say, I am right with ya on this one. I hope that if this goes to trial the jury is full of fathers.

Pager710 • 14 hours ago
Shake him loose. Man recklessly killed his two boys...can't say I'd act any different. Hope a Jury feels the same way and acquits.

idgit • 13 hours ago
There is a flavor of justice that cannot be judged. There is not a father or parent for that matter that would not loose their restraint in the circumstances around this case. Imagine what kind of scream this man heard as his children were killed. If a blind eye were ever justified, this is an exemplary case for acquittal.

Frank Morales • 12 hours ago
I have to be on the father's side If the drunk were left to face punishment, it would have not been anything that would reflect what he did. I hope the jury finds him temporary insanity and innocent.

Greenasp • 11 hours ago
Sounds like a simple case of temp insanity. Best of luck Mr. Barajas!

J Brown • 3 hours ago
Mr. Davis Barajas is a hero. What he did isn't murder: it's justice. If this case is tried by a jury, I wouldn't be surprised if he is acquitted.

Jason Martin • 2 hours ago
Justice was carried out in my opinion. Let the man walk!!

k0309us >lld2282 • 2 hours ago
Yes, he had time to think...time to think of his dead sons, one of whom according to other witnesses not quoted here was basically cut in half on impact...that would consume a father's mind for a long time clouding rational judgement. I don't condone murder but this case has horrific extenuating circumstances. I'd hate to be on the jury.

brandi • an hour ago
SOOO they did shoot that guy! I was thinking he did.. i really hope he doesn't go down for this. I would've shot him too, after watching him decide when my son's lives were up.