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Originally Posted by ade146
most would know that
Originally Posted by insane79
Gotta LOL at that one

Originally Posted by ade146
that isn't what I said
No. What you said was "back pressure is a myth IMHO" which is somewhat contrary to popular science. Given the thread title and context and guesstimating I read your comment as "the common belief that reducing back pressure loses you power is a myth IMHO"

I agree with what you say. Prof Heinz Wolf isn't standing in the dyno cell with his 4lb lump hammer until there is enough. But there will be some, (even if it's the bare minimum required for tuned manifolds) and when you mess with exhaust flow you do risk messing with the mapping inadvertantly and you do run a risk of losing power until the mapping is fixed

It wasn't intended as an attack, just a bit of explanation to correct my interpretation of your post as it were