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Originally Posted by pjs View Post
If you go to the trouble of adding an extra M badge, anywhere, you do it for a reason. Hmm, what could that be?

Probably it's because you are trying to enhance what people think of your car, and hence you, the driver. Realistically, you are sending a not so subtle signal out that you are a bit of a cock. You've probably gone to the trouble of hunting one down on ebay, or even had the front to go to the BMW parts desk and buy one.

When I see an extra M badge, I therefore make the assumption that said driver is a bit of a cock.

Just my opinion mind, so no one should get too offended.
That logic could be extended to anyone debadging their car, particularly if it's a 4 pot, becasue you want people to assume it's a little more "special". What about all the other modding, twin exhausts etc - each to their own!