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Originally Posted by blbaumga View Post
I've had the car listed for several months now (on other sites, about a week on e90post), and can't seem to generate any interest....ideas? Need to sell this car ASAP.
If I were you I'd give in a nice detail on both the interior and exterior and post new pictures on all of the sites. When I'm looking to buy a car I like to see that the car was well taken of and it says and it gives me a bad taste when I look at the FS add and the pictures are all of the car dirty. Im not saying yours is extremely dirty but it sure could use a nice detail especially the interior. If you give it a nice wash & wax plus interior detail. It will look a lot better IMHO. Please don't take it the wrong way I'm just try to give you honest advice.

Also, to me the price seems a little bit high but I'm not to sure what the going prices are. Try to scan Autotrader and make your price as comparable as you can if you want to sell it fast.

Good Luck With Your Sale!

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