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Originally Posted by Cure12 View Post
seriously y come on to jus post something that doesn't help anyone...itís my personal taste if I wanted to change my head unit...I wasnít asking for your opinion of if I should do it or not...
Well itís just that the head units in our cars do other things than play music. By removing it you are asking for a lot of problems. Iím not saying it canít be done, but itís not done by the majority of people that own these cars, and for a reason

I'm sure that if it could be achieved without f**ing everything up, there would be more empirical evidence of people accomplishing such tasks

Itís a German car; you canít mod the fck out of it without consequence. So if you want to be in the shop every other day... no scratch that, hour, then go ahead and throw that pioneer in. Iím sure it would be bad ass!