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Originally Posted by ShinBalNom View Post
I'm glad I took my time on this post to read it all the way through... After reading the first page, I was considering it. But after the 3rd page, Why risk it for such a small gain (more Vroom Vroom)?
Give it shot on a cold start morning, preferably in a garage.

Start the car and listen for a few seconds. Then Shut it off and and unplug the wires shown in the first post. THEN start it up again, keeping in mind what it sounded like a second ago.

Enjoy the new growl... Is it worth some error codes that nobody is going to worry about most likely? I dunno you have to answer that for yourself. But it's worth listening to. The change though minor is very pleasant, all rorty and sounds heavenly in a parking garage etc.

Because we all know... (It's all about the VRoom VROOM)...

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