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Originally Posted by e92er View Post
So driving in to work today, I was sitting at a light and the rpms just dropped down to 200 and then came back up to normal. Car immediately went into limp mode and SES. I was pulling into work anyways so just parked the car and went inside. Afterwards, I came back and started the car and it was just in limp mode. Only live 2 miles away so drove home and hooked up the BT scanner, and here's what I got.

-2d2e (Angle of throttle valve - intake pipe underpressure)
-2A87 (Outlet-Vanos)
-3100 (boost pressure control)
-2cf6 (Throttle valve potentiometer 1, plausibility with regard to air mass)
-2f9a (outside temperature sensor)

I cleared the codes since the VANOS & 3100 come up every few months. After clearing, I restarted the car and it was in limp still. Scanned the car again and got:


I didn't notice but yea, my outside temperature says its -40F. Could a malfunctioning outside temp sensor cause my car to be in permanent limp mode?? The 2d2e & 2cf6 haven't returned but I gotta head back to work in a little bit and think they might pop up too. Also, with the crappy weather, been driving long distances the last couple weeks during complete downpours and blizzards so maybe something shorted out somewhere?
Thats a little strange.... what does the intake charge temp read? I'm not sure on the DME logic but it would make sense if it took outside temp data into it somewhere for some reason and if it was way off it would go limp. See if the charge temp is correct or not first
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