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Originally Posted by Techevo View Post
Lol, around 30mph, and not a full on, across the road hump, but a centre of the lane mound, where you just catch it on the edge!

You'd still be surprised how quality dampers like Ohlins can absorb large compressions easily and safely without harshness or a rough ride even with firm spring rates, it's all down to the clever damping design and high spec materials used.

Those who are serious about suspension will be more interested in quality dampers and the correct setup for their application, rather than just lowering for looks.

In this respect, ride height will be governed by spring rates and bump damping adjustment, not aesthetics.
Everytime I hear or read of Ohlins just rings expensive as fook alarm bells and track ready. I'm only in MK I'd be interested to see how your E91 compares to mine with Weitec coilovers. Of course mine is sitting fairly low and it really does feel very hooked up round the roundabouts in MK, though sleep policemen always get my respect as a crawl over them. I'm not in the faintest interested in driving like a yob, and being as low as it is the comfort to me, my wife and passengers is no different to stock if not better (probably due to non rft)

Either way I'd be up for comparing notes and meeting up