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Originally Posted by SneakyDeeky View Post
Makes sense. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the ER Competition Dual Oil Coolers (link to more pics).

The JB4 controls my meth flow and has a built in failsafe. I plan on topping off the meth in between each session. Another perk of the JB4 is that it let's me hijack the fuel or oil gauges to monitor meth flow and coolant temps. I plan on keeping the oil gauge to monitor oil temps and alternating the fuel gauge between meth flow and coolant temps. I'll let you know how things hold up.

Can you provide some examples of how the OEM software interferes? I'm assuming you're talking about traction control issues?
I've loved the JB4 so far and it has a lot of perks like reading codes, downpipe fix, limiting boost in 1st and 2nd gears, plus setting a max boost. I keep my max boost set at 14.5 psi.

I took your advice!
And thanks for the welcome, I'm really excited about going to the track for the first time in my own car. I did the Exotics Racing thing in Vegas a few months ago and that's what got me hooked. Hopefully, I won't be posting on this thread anymore.
do you have pics of how it looks from the fender? did you have to cut out holes in the liner to allow air to flow out?