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Hi folks,

Ok, all done and installed, but it took a while... If you've researched the installation process, then you'll know that you really need to keep the engine running, otherwise the ignition switches itself off after about 20 min, which stops/pauses the installation (there are ways around this, but you'll need a garage spec' battery charger). When I received the discs, cage 911 kindly explained that if the ignition switches itself off or if you switch the ignition off then you'll have to insert the previous discs again until it catches up with itself - e.g. if you're part way through disc 3 in the installation and switch off the ignition, then next time it starts, you'll have to insert disc 1 again for a minute, then disc 2 again for a minute and then back to where you left off with disc 3.

It's a bit of an arse, but it does work. The whole process takes about 2 to 2.5 hours, but my commute is about 30 min, so it took a while and I couldn't be arsed to sit there with the engine running, not at today's fuel prices...

I'm not 100% sure who is next in the list, so what I suggest is that of all the people who have specified an interest in the thread, the first one to PM me with their contact details will get the discs next. I'll post back here to confirm.