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Originally Posted by midlife View Post

i have read thru your whole detailing 101 and also this entire thread.
i will b getting my 2008 335 vert soon and have a few questions:

although i am fit, i am 50 years old... i am trying to decide between using the klasse system vs. the zaino system for my new car:

1/ seems like the klasse may be easier do initial (new car) full detailing as opposed to Zaino - is this correct?
2/ but zaino may be easier long term to keep up because of the quick Z8 touchups after a good proper washing... Does klasse have a touch up (and extra protection ?) product similar to the zaino z8 for the time between detailings?
3/ million $ question is considering the effot to fully detail, and then maintain, which system is less work ? (how long each system lasts should also factor into your opinion.

if 1 system is less work, is the other system worth the extra effort because of better appearance and / or protection? note that they do not have clear bras here in ecuador, so protection is prretty important.

i plan on keep my 335 mainly for low milage driving (say 500 miles a month), and will keep this car for many years (unless the car cr$ps out on me).

this is an important decsion - especially since i have to arrange getting these products online, and have to physically bring them from NY on my next trip.

4/ after u advise which system to get, please advise approx how much product to get to last at least a year. i will be doing 2 times a year detailng and occasional touch ups (weekly washes and appropriate touch ups)

thanks for your help...
again, although i surely know how to wax a car properly, i am a total begginer regarding klasse and zaino.
edit: if i take alot of people's advise, and do not have the dealer wash and detail me new car, is it safe for them to al least detail the car's INSIDE interior??