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Originally Posted by uniter View Post
2,500 mile oil changes might be 'bad for the engine' depending on the cleaner/additive packages used.
no, it isn't.

Originally Posted by Mr.Ritz View Post
But isn't the car and oil rated for the 14k?

I am just curious if we tore down 2 cars would difference we would see.. It just seems people have their little traditions when it comes to oil changes. With no real proof going to 14k does any sort of damage.
under normal conditions, you won't see a difference in a 2500 vs a 7500 oil change. after years of service(and 150k+ miles) you might find some issues with a 14k interval, but i doubt it.

is there anyone that has had an oil related failure due to long oil intervals with ANY modern car that has had somewhat reasonable maintenance and doesn't have any inherent mechanical shortcomings? shit like smoking rings on a chevy vega doesn't count.

i agree 14+ can be too long for comfort, but 7500-10000 is a nice feel good range to be able to look in the mirror and say "i take care of my car".

2500 is somewhat overzealous. although i do 2500 intervals on my aircooled ducati, that is a much different beast.