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Codes 2A82 / 3100 CEL

Was driving to work today and car went into limp mode. I had already driven 25 miles and was just about to work. I was sitting at idle and started pulling away from the stop light and the CEL came up (half yellow engine). I got to work, parked the car and restarted after work w/o any issues. Also no CEL on my 20+ mile trip back home. As an aside, I did top off my oil this morning. It was a little low, a quarter way up between the min and max lines. I topped it off and the oil is now reading up to the max line. I'm not sure if this would have contributed to the CEL.
I did some research and from my understanding the codes are related to the camshaft/VANOS. I noticed a service bulletin out (SI B11 02 08) regarding the camshafts. The bulletin states the the work is covered under a "new car warranty." The car is not new and is out of warranty. Has anyone heard of the dealer doing the work on a car that is not "new", but still covered? Or is it best to take it to an indy?

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