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Originally Posted by e9012345 View Post

I went to the 33 Division and asked to speak to some of the constables there. The two guys were indeed police officers from the "intelligence" unit located next door - and they confirmed that the badge I saw was real and that they do in fact drive those exact same cars.

I was told I could file a complaint for an investigation - but was subtly warned against it because it would "be putting a lot on me". AKA - they'll just all fuck me more. I was told that most of the stuff they were saying WAS indeed bullshit and that they were just trying to scare the shit out of me and teach me a lesson. They also apologized for the way I was treated but reinforced that if it came down to it - it's their words against mine.

SO case closed - for all of you people telling me I got scammed and have my identity stolen cus there is NO way a "cop" would do this. Be VERY cautious because they just in fact did and got away with it. They could have fucked me much worse and charged me with a lot of shit, planted evidence and probably could have beat the shit out of me for "resisting arrest" or because they thought I was reaching for something.

I'm lucky I kept my mouth shut and acted like a pussy otherwise I'm pretty positive I would have got my ass kicked and thrown in jail - "omg cops cant do that" - they fucking can and will after the shit I've seen. Don't think for one fucking second any of you have any rights unless you're sure there are 50 people testifying for you. Be careful.

Can't say I'm completely surprised. The Police are a microcosm of society as a whole, i.e. there are good ones and bad ones. Just look at the history of the LAPD (a long history of corruption that is pretty sickening).

Last week my friend was coaching his son's hockey team and he got into a shouting match with the other team's coach. The other coach proceeded to scream at him several times in front of all the other kids and parents that he was going to "f*cking kill him after the game". Turns out the other coach is a police officer. Frickin lunatic.
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