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That's the stuff that's not clear

That's the stuff that's not clear .
How will it play with existing stuff when it's intended for 2010 plus car.
There is a guy with the handle woodpecka in the thread that did it to and e91
06 and I had considered it, but he didn't have any existing options . You have to change the production date of the car temporarily to get the new software to load in your VO and do the setup then you change it back. You have to be sure to get one with a Most Bus connection.

I notice the ebay link has been updated today.

I talked to him and he replied

"I think it's risky to loose the SOS. I don't know if ou can use a MULF or TCU with this.

Based on our car, try to see if you cannot just recode your radio to add the usb option. I saw that some recent car can get this by just adding the $6fl VO + proper hardware.

I used the latest daten v47, change the build date to a recent one and use VO $6fl and $6nn.

Good luck."

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