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Originally Posted by sheps View Post
And I've done this whist avoiding being a sanctimonious prick- the trap that many ex-smokers fall into.
Don't you just hate them!

It's normally along the lines "I did it,so hard can it be",C*nts,the lot of them.

Well done Rich

I'm trying,and after what was supposed to be a 24hr stop over after key hole surgery in Dec,turned into a 6 day stay when my lungs collapsed (smoking) it's become a MUST do.
SCARY f*cking stuff!

Whilst on your health bent Rich,it might be a good idea to have your Prostate checked out.

Sanctimonious prick hat on

Whilst P/cancer is not hereditary,it is familial (can run in families).
You recently reminded me of a contribution I made to your thread about your Grandfather,so PCa is in your family.

A blood test (PSA) takes no time,and can/could save you endless grief,and of course ultimately your life.

Contrary to popular belief,Pca is NOT confined to the older (as me ) Guy, and with most Cancer/s is on the increase (allegedly).

Keep up the no smoking Rich,but do yourself a favour,and get a blood test (if you've not already).
I'd say the same to anybody.

I make no apology for this health announcement on behalf of the Hotcoupe health service,it's not meant to frighten,just spur you Guys into action

Never argue with an idiot on the internet. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.