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I have a 10/07 built E90. I recently started coding some things after completing an alarm install. I have the alarm working perfectly and have also added some features like comfort eject and the auto unlocking of the doors. Somewhere along the line I messed up the light settings for when I turn off the car. It used to be that the puddle lights, and parking lights would stay on for a while after I turned off my car, got out and closed the door. I could adjust the time they stayed in the BC menu. Now, that all remains the same when I shut off the car, until I open my door. As soon as I open my door the parking lights turn off. Only the puddle lights remain on for the time I programmed in the BC menu. Mine must have been somewhere between the auto off when opening the door and auto off when locking the door with the fob. It used to be time based. Possibly I need to adjust the "OPTIONEN_SL_ABSCH" to a setting between 1 and 4.

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