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Originally Posted by MJ777LR View Post
Hi Jose, thanks for the input... the decision is a bit hard to make, since getting a remanufactured unit for my 07 model costs pretty close to getting a new model HU off ebay. With the new HU, I have the added benefit of the HD radio and perhaps sirius if I choose to activate that later. Plus, the LCI chime is an added bonus.

I am out of warranty and already have the car's software updated late last year. And my BMW Assist is expired, so I'm not worried about somehow disabling the TCU. I believe with the new HU, the TCU and MULF is no longer needed (please correct me if I'm wrong)?

I think I'll also need to connect the mic and USB jack directly to the HU, and not to the TCU/MULF anymore.

As for coding, since my VO already has 6FL and bluetooth, technically I don't need to add anything to the VO, but just need to change the prod. date in NCS and perform an sg reset for the 2URAD, correct?

Did you have any SOS error after installing the new HU, assuming the MOST loop was broken?
You are totally right at all your words.

With the newest HU:
- LCI Chimes
- Bluetooth mic / USB socket have to be connected directly to it
- TCU/MULF are no longer needed (you can even sell it for some bucks)
- You should also change one value at KOMBI for LCI chimes

About SOS, I don't know because I don't have this feature but anyway it can be easily disabled with NCS
Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!