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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
It was my father and unfortunately he starts radiotherapy in a few days because the surgery didn't catch it all. I am going to get a blood test Mr Hotcoupe. I said I would last time you mentioned it but it was a bit of a 'whenever' response I have to admit. You've spurred me on.
Very sorry to hear that Rich.
Surgery was not an option for me,apparently I had a menagerie of hooded bad boy cancerous cells dancing on top of my prostate,so whipping out the walnut was never going to work.
Cooking the little feckers was the only way!

Anyway,I hope it goes OK for your Dad,if he wants some advice/help/guidance or whatever really,I'd be happy to help,even if it's a friendly chat on the dog/bone

Good for you on the blood test,get it done.

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