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How do you define "Out the Door" price at a dealer? + dealership stories

Just remembering back to a VW dealership trying to screw me on a GTI.. I am glad because I love my 328i loaded much better.. But just thinking..

I remember being told the price was 25K OTD.. Then getting into the little room and another 2500.00 being added on.. I was like you said 25k OTD.. Then he pointed to the sheet that had 25k + 2500.. What the hell, OTD isn't a two number price.. It is a one number price with tax and everything. That is the entire point of OTD.. One soild number with no bullshit.. They threw the last number on right before I was going to sign for the most part. Then when I was like never mind. The dumb bitch called the manager and he came. Then asked me why I wasted their time and my time. He didn't quit either he took another 500.00 and kept going on about how I wasted 2 hours of their time