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Well said and a shared sentiment, gents. I just didn't want to say it for fear of appearing defensive

Keep the requests/suggestions coming!

Also, do any of you believers have an opinion on non-braided pushlite or pushlock lines versus more traditional RU AN type lines/fittings? For those unaware, pushlock is a lower-cost alternative to traditional braided AN but does not allow reusable dis/reconnect (you have to run a new line because you have to destroy the line to remove it from the adapter, which is reusable.

Line savings could be around $30-$50 depending on what two lines you are comparing. In terms of actual performance, IMO there is no difference at the oil pressures and temperatures our cars produce- it's more of an appearance and convenience thing. I figure I can just provide part numbers to make that an option. Line lengths would still be the same.

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