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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
dyno hasn't proven a thing? or the dyno hasn't been produced yet. i can't recall seeing a dyno, but regardless, getting headers would give you gains if thats what ur concerned about. if you're concerned about cost/benefit then headers probably aren't for you.

Im not here to argue...just stating that I was really interested in the headers but I can NOT justify spending that much money for a product that is UNPROVEN! I am still waiting on the dynos...but it seems like no one wants to get one. I bought the AFE intake a few years ago and found out it was causing a loss in power to my 530i, so I removed it. I just want to make sure that all the LOUD NOISE will actually come with an increase in horsepower. How can we blindly say that the "headers will give you gains"? I do not agree with that statement because lots of people can bend some pipes...not challenging his reputation or anything but I just wanted something on paper instead of "Butt-Dynos".