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Another Insurance Rip Off

This can't be beaten.

I'm 47yrs old with 30yrs driving experience, 23yrs NCD and a clean licence.

My wife is 49yrs old with 3 1/2yrs experience, 3 yrs NCD and a clean licence.

I have a '57' plate E92 320i and I have modified it.

Mods are:- Black Kidneys, and Performance Auto Gear Shift.

I have just added the Performance Rear Silencer and my insurer has now refused to insure me with my wife on my policy with this enhancement!

My premium is 254 and they told me to take my wife off and "stay legal" is a further 85. Without the 85 I am not insured.

Previous car was an R32 and no problems.

How can they work this out?

It's beyond me!!

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