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Originally Posted by poldim View Post
So I've been a fan of Tischer since I had my Acura back in the day, but this somewhat startled me. I ordered their service kit with the air filters and the oil change kit and got the 07 51 0 017 866 instead of the 07 51 0 002 545. Whats the point of telling them your VIN, etc so that they can ignore the sticker under the hood? Did BMW retroactively change their oil to 5W-30? Does not list 07 51 0 002 545 at all, but this is supposedly caused when BMW switched suppliers from Valvoline to Castrol.
Not quite sure what you mean. Tischer has serviced 4 BMWs for me over the past ten years and they were all filled with the same BMW branded 5w30 that they sell as part of the kit online.

The last time it was a different viscosity was 5w40 in 2001 and this was changed to 5w30 around 2002. So perhaps it was only the part number and not the oil which was changed.