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Originally Posted by ade146 View Post
Carbon its not completely clear what your problems are and hence members trying to help. When I first got my car I found it fairly twitchy. Bumps at high speed would have you swap lanes if not careful. 120mph plus. I dialed in some toe in and put new tyres on which made it more stable. My car is still twitchy and if pressing on down a bumpy B road you do need to keep your wits about you. I quite like it, turns in real quick considering it has an elephant under the bonnet and I think the oversteer is fairly progressive. On the motorway trying to eat a ham sandwich though you do need to be aware. There is nothing wrong with my car but I suspect rear toe might need some tweaking but I dont really want to do that in case it induces some understeer. Im trying to say it may depend on what you are used to or expect and how fast you drive. It is as bad a car as I have ever owned for tramlining. I do a fair amount of tarmac rallying as do lots of my social circle. Their opinion of this car is similar to mine. BTW try upping the pressures of your 452 to 38ish. BMs are pretty sensitive to tyre pressures and alignment and always have been.

Thanks man!, good post that. Yeah i guess being my first beemer i'm just not used to it. They don't half tramline tho. As i said my mother supra had bigger wheels but never did it so was expecting the same from mine. A chap i know on here has got an SI and he advises to carry on using the rfts but switch to pirelli p zero rfts. He reckons they make the car a lot more stable. I drive very quickly and just sometimes get scared in the bimmer compared to the golf. I'll try and up the pressures like you say. Was thinking of switching to an lci with electric and servotronic to see if i could get that feeling i had from the golf. But most on here say its shit lol and that mine gives much more feel and response...
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