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Everytime I hear or read of Ohlins just rings expensive as fook alarm bells and track ready. I'm only in MK I'd be interested to see how your E91 compares to mine with Weitec coilovers. Of course mine is sitting fairly low and it really does feel very hooked up round the roundabouts in MK, though sleep policemen always get my respect as a crawl over them. I'm not in the faintest interested in driving like a yob, and being as low as it is the comfort to me, my wife and passengers is no different to stock if not better (probably due to non rft)

Either way I'd be up for comparing notes and meeting up
The Ohlins DFV is definitely a very road biased kit, especially with the standard spring rates, and really not expensive, mine were around 1500 inc

In comparison, the KW 2 way competition units I run on my sprint Evo were around 3.5k and even running much harder springs, they are still compliant on the road.

You find that high quality suspension is much, much more comfortable than cheap poor quality stuff even though the spring rates may be harder.

I personally think it's one of the most important components on the car, controlling grip, handling and comfort in equal amounts.

Would be good to meet up sometime, I'm only up the road!

I was looking for the kit for my e91, first time I saw it was at autosport show in Jan, the more I see the people review their ohlins, the more I would like to give it a try. It's a shame I am quite far from your area, would be awesome to have a touring meet, and see your set up.

Would you mind telling us where you got the kit from and I may send an enquiry to get a quote .


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