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SUGGESTS, MEMBER RATING SYSTEM!!???members and admins vote

I am newer to this forum and I must say I am liking it alot so far many awesome knowledgeable people, I say we create a system as seen on other forums to thank members who are positive knowledgeable posters. Who make a good contribution to other peoples needs, questions or for posting an awesome video or having an awesome car or giving a very informative thread posts

The way to go about this would be for the admins to create a button That says (positive torque)+TQ The option to leave negative -TQ For bad posters or stupid comments hurtful pointless or anything negative(TORQUE is an .example for what the button would say it could say anything for + or - points) With the option to leave a comment to the person you are giving the feedback to which would be private but, on the profile it would show how much torque they have and you can rate it 1-1000 and once your at 1000 torque points they become known as great posters and helpful,I Think this could really modivate people and also show who is getting thanked for their positive post. I know this may not be as clear as I want it to be but its super easy other forums do it in a similar way. I think it would be cool if we did it

Usually the button is not in the profile its below their avatar where there car info is so if it says +torque and -Torque... someone with a good post or helpful ill gove them +TQ and for someone who is trolling or something negative it will be -TQ.This is not feedback to selling very different but similar in terms of rating someone I think alot of these members deserve +TQ =). -Denise

Comments are welcome this has been successful on other forums fyi.