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Originally Posted by Tak1986 View Post
I was looking for the kit for my e91, first time I saw it was at autosport show in Jan, the more I see the people review their ohlins, the more I would like to give it a try. It's a shame I am quite far from your area, would be awesome to have a touring meet, and see your set up.

Would you mind telling us where you got the kit from and I may send an enquiry to get a quote .


Edit: don't think it work or show quite well on iPad
Hi Sam, my Ohlins came from a company called Aurok, but also via a friend who trades with Aurok and thus I got some better discount.

The Ohlins really is a nice setup, very comfortable and controlled. The only downside I can see is requiring stiffer rear springs from what comes with the kit.